Custom machine manufacturing on an expert level



The schoen+sandt Hungary ltd is part of the German schoen+sandt machinery GmbH (66955 Pirmasens) group. We design and manufacture machines and spare parts in our factory for the group. Moreover we also design and manufacture production lines for our partners based on their individual needs - outside and inside Hungary.

Our main profile is designing and manufacturing cutting machines and unique purpose machines – and spare parts for them.

Our company celebrated its 125th birthday in 2016. Our factory in Eger, Hungary manufactures machines since 1964. In the beginning we produced electro- hydraulic cutting machines. In 1993 we tightened the cooperation with the German group and we are deploying systems designed and manufactured together all around the world ever since. Cutting machines in our factory have 2500x2100mm effective cutting area and 240 tons of cutting force.

Majority of our domestic clients come from the fields of vehicle manufacturing, electronics, food industry and electric motor manufacturing. For them we design and manufacture machines based on their individual needs in cooperation with the clients’ process engineers.

Even in the design process we focus on applying the most advanced technologies available, and our primary concerns are safety and reliability. The design, manufacture and testing processes are all carried out in our plant in Eger. Service and maintenance is carried out by the same experienced installers who assembled the production line, thus ensuring a complete, fast and flexible service later on.

Our portfolio includes: