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Cutting machines

Our company manufactures cutting machines with decades of experience. Our products are featuring meticulous design and extreme precision. Automation is fully computer designed and controlled.

Our engineering team can customize the machine to the buyers needs, thus helping the most efficient production on the buyer’s side.

Our punching machines’ range of effective work size are comfortably wide.

  • the smallest machine has a 900x450mm effective cutting range with 22 tons of cutting force,
  • while our largest machine features 2500x2100mm range and generates 240 tons of cutting force.

Cutting machines for any size

We offer solutions for lower and high performance output machines from small to large cutting area. Our machines are state-of-the-art, and employ a durable steel frame.

For leather and textile industry we recommend the highly versatile multi tool machines with automatic or manual loading of the used materials, for the most optimal material utalisation. We offer a wide variety of accessories to these machines.

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Large-area Die-Cutting machines with automatic feed

Our large-area die-cutting machines with automatic feed can be used universally and are ideal for highly automated production.

These machines are optimal for medium and large scale production, and – depending on the type of the feeding machinery attached – can be used with plate or rolled materials.
We usually employ remote accessible Siemens S7 control units for these variants.

Rearward bridge cutter

We manufacture universally usable rearward bridge cutters. With these types the cutter moves backwards after operation so the cutting area is easily accessible.

These machines are best for small or medium scale production, and can be used by plate or rolled materials. These too are delivered with Siemens S7 control units with remote access.


For more highly automated production we offer traveling head die-cutting machines.

These types are much more effective in medium or high scale production, and – depending on the type of the feeding mechanism – can take plate or rolled materials.
They are equipped with Siemens S7 or industrial PC control, with remote access.

For almost all of our machines can be augmented with numerous versatile accessories, according to the field and method of use.