Continuous innovation

Continuous innovation

Industrial automation

Our automation solutions are based on state of the art technologies, the components are always manufactured according to the customers needs and for the tasks it will do. This includes the type of the robots, the control methods and the software as well. We don’t just design the machinery parts, our process involves electrical design, PLC programming, pneumatics and hydraulics. We have an experienced engineering and programming team for these areas, as well as adequate installation and manufacturing capacity.

Our engineering team consist of 10 engineers (5 electrical, 5 machanical engineer) who are exclusively engaged in planning and developing our machines in an innovative style. First they plan the outline of the machine according to the customers needs, while cooperating with the different divisions. They are in constant contact with manufacturing, so manufacturer experience and developer innovation form an effective unit. The final machine comes to life thanks to this cooperation.

Our factory builds 98 percent of the parts, so we can handle any task in-house. This is a great advantage in implementing industrial automation since we have control over everything in the process. Whether it is about purpose machines with manipulator arms or robotic technology. The long term usability of our machines are guaranteed by our high standard of manufacturing.

The highest degree of automation is the design of complete production lines. In these cases we don’t just build one purpose machine or robotic cell, but we integrate multiple solutions into one big system, according to the needs of the customer. This is the biggest challenge for us as machine integrators regarding industrial automation. Due to the decades long constant development our company has been forged to a single big, goal driven organism, so we can handle any kind of automation deployment.