Efficient production, precise workflow

Efficient production, precise workflow

Other services

We are proud of our more than 50 regular clients who provide us with constant projects.

Our services:

  • Single-part and small-batch production according to customer drawings or drawings made to customer specifications in our design department
  • Heat treatment for stress relief and descaling with sandblasting
  • Flame cutting and manufacturing of welded constructs
  • Painting in our painting unit
  • Assembly in mechanical and electrical areas.


Even complex parts weighing up to 10 tons can be machined on multi-axis CNC machining centres. Each machine operator is also a CNC programmer, which offers extreme flexibility for small series production. Complex parts are processed with CNC programs created in a CAD/CAM system. Development and production of hydraulic cylinders - used in our cutting machines – is managed in our plant. For decades we use the necessary grinding, polishing and honing techniques.


Our welding and iron works division optimizes the material consumption by using our own flame cutting equipment. Welding of steel structures up to 10 tons happens by MIG/MAG method. Our certified welders have up to 20 years of experience who assembled countless of press frames which are operational after decades of usage even with 240 tons of force. Our welding expertise provides high quality products from design to implementation.

We manifest all and any of our client’s needs with not one, but three of our five axis CNC machines.


In our assembly workshop we fuse the expertise of employees working with us for 30-40 years with the momentum of the young titans. The maximum weight of a single machine part we manufacture can be up to 8 tons, which is rarely insufficient. Since we have been building hydraulic presses for more than 50 years, their assembly is core competence in our company. Our younger mechanics usually start their career by mechanical and pneumatic assembly, and over their learning course they shift to hydraulic assembly, which needs more safety and expertise.
Self designed control cabinets are constructed of electrical elements reliable in industrial environments from approved manufacturers. Our main goal is safety and reliability. Since our machines are deployed all over the world, we are familiar with almost every standard possible, we even adapt our clients’ unique standards easily in our work.