The high end of automation

The high end of automation


Finding and keeping good workforce is becoming more and more challanging especially in fields where the workflow is extremely monotonous. If we sum the cost of recruitment, training, initial waste products, holidays and sick days it is easy to see that the investment in a more advanced robotic cluster can work for its cost in 2-3 years. A “basic” robotic cell contains at least one piece of six axis robot. As robot integrators we know that a robot works “harder” than a human so for efficiency, attached peripherals, grippers, feeders must be designed to fit for higher demands. We also recommend the QA procedures to be integrated into the cell so the effectiveness should not decrease due to faulty external checkups.

To design the production process of a robotic cell we have to think differently than designing human operated machines. It is usually the client’s engineers that determines the specifications of production and our engineers work in cooperation to implement it. This cooperation results in a much higher efficient product. Building a closed system can exclude human errors. Our older clients can vouch for our abilities in this area. Robotic cells are mostly connected to a computer network.

By implementing “Ipar 4.0” (Industry 4.0) standard, live tracking of the complete production process can be achieved. Our automotive partners are already enjoying the benefits of different kinds of communication systems and databases.

As a machine manufacturing company, designing and installing of ready-to-use robotic production cells are in our long term mission.

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Why is it beneficial to employ robotics in your production line?

  • High level of automation
  • The robotic arm’s position can be aligned easily in every direction and angle
  • As with a human finger, the robotic arm with the attached tool can point in any direction
  • A robot never gets sick and its maintenance can be scheduled more comfortably
  • The robot never gets tired, so the cycle time can be easily calculated
  • The same input always results in the same output and quality
  • A robot does exactly what it is programmed to do, so if it is aligned correctly it never makes mistakes